Although with very simple and intuitive gameplay, “… And Then It Rained” is a little game (currently available on the Apple Store only) that will be able to literally blow your minds up. The aim is simple: the player must collect as many colored drops as possible and fill the little towers up, completely, in each level. Each drop matches with a tower and, once every single tower is full, the level will be done.

Although it might seem to be a very simple game, “… And Then It Rained” gains more and more difficulty as the player goes on, becoming a very intense experience in the most advanced levels. iOS users who could be interested in this game will be able to find it on the AppStore at $1.99.

It was the first game my partner and I have officially translated, letting the devolopers get into the Italian AppStore with a complete and accurate translation that we wrote ourselves, replacing the existing one which, to be honest, was not as good as a common user would expect.